The LOC Method.... Liquid, Oil, and Cream works wonders!!!

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Beards have the tendency to become dry and perhaps brittle. Maintaining moisture is essential to properly maintain beard growth and eliminate breakage.

I guess you are now wondering how to achieve this?

You’re in luck… Try the L.O.C method!!

So, what is the LOC method?

First Step

LIQUID: To start you must apply liquid to your beard in the form of water, aloe vera juice, or a leave-in-conditioner that doesn’t include harmful ingredients. We prefer to wash and condition our beards while showering. When we get out we have a nice clean and wet beard. We then lightly dry our beard with a microfiber cloth and then the magic begins.

Second Step

OIL: Secondly you should apply beard oil. The oil will moisturize your facial hair as well as the skin beneath going straight to the hair follicles. Beard oil is also very effective in combating beard dandruff and/or flaking. Bullish Beards Premium beard oil will get the job done. Our oil boast some of the best oils for skin such as argan oil, castor seed oil, grape seed oil, sweet Almond oil, olive oil and vitamin E skin oil

Third Step

CREAM: Lastly, finish off with beard cream, butter, or balm. The main importance of this step is to act as a sealant to lock in moisture. Our Bullish Beards butter and balm has shea and mango butter utilizing their moisturizing properties to soften, moisture, detangle, and make your beard more manageable.

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