Bullish Haircare is a veteran owned and operated company. Our Bullish Beard products are made to provide your manly mane with the shine, strength, and conditioning to maintain a healthier looking beard. Our Bullish Chicks products are made to provide your hair with a spark that’s only fit for a diva.


It’s our goal at Bullish Haircare to continue to produce premium hair care products that are safe and productive. We will continue to raise the bar of excellence in the hair care industry because we recognize the importance of maintaining healthy hair that gives off the same if not better appearance than our big-name competitors. We developed our beard products with the belief that every bearded man should have the option to have a healthy, soft, tangle-free, good smelling mane. While we developed our hair products with the belief that we can offer women an everyday solution no matter the hair type.


It's our mission at Bullish Haircare to provide our customers with the highest degree of customer service while being committed to changing the health and appearance of hair across the globe. We are committed to performing our crafts exceptionally well and we will continually strive to improve ourselves in the areas of product design, creation, and branding….Oh yeah and just remember to BE BULLISH!!